Our Story

Our story is that of the common athlete, a typical gym-goer, an ordinary person who wants to be healthy.

We are a group of people who are conscious about living healthy. But every time we were on a diet, a routine, an exercise plan, we ended up ruining them with pangs of hunger. We leaped for easy snacking and ended up filling ourselves with calorie and sugar-rich chocolates, bars, and sweets that did nothing but make us feel good temporarily.

We felt guilty, frustrated, and angry at ourselves for giving in to snacking all the time. That was when we realized that there must be a better alternative for this.

It was at that time that we started thinking of everyone apart from ourselves.

We sat down, spent long hours, and discussed many ideas, to finally come up with the idea of a protein bites that resonates with everyone who knows how important being healthy is.

We wanted to create something nutritious and healthy without compromising the taste, flavor, and richness of experience we got from eating standard chocolate bars and desserts. We didn’t want people munching on bland cardboard blocks just because that’s what needed to be done to keep the calories in check.

This is how ProBites came into being.

A protein bites that is easy, healthy, and yummy.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make healthy living a bit easier for everyone.

With that in mind, we are constantly evolving, learning, and relearning new ways to make our products better. Our dedicated teams are always experimenting with new flavors and ingredients to make each Probites even yummier than the last one. And based on that experimentation, there’s always in-depth research and analysis about how a particular ingredient can help you stay healthier.

But the taste is just one side of our mission.

We couldn’t compromise taste for health. And we don’t compromise health because of taste either.

We are always looking for that perfect combination of taste, nutrition, and goodness that is the ideal amount of everything from calories to sugar. So that you can always reach your health and fitness ambitions. Ultimately, our final product is perfectly balanced between flavor, richness, texture, quality, and above all, nutrition.


Our Products

Our products are defined by two words: Healthy and Diverse.

Making our bites a healthy alternative to mindless snacking is our first goal. But it is not the only one. Our products are rich in flavor, and with constant experimentation, we are always adding unique new flavors that are sure to get you hooked on some ProBites.

Maybe you have a sweet tooth for all things peanut butter, or perhaps you like oreo or cookies a bit too much.

Instead of making you feel like we can’t turn your guilty pleasure flavor into a nutritious and healthy snack, we have created an assortment of options that can cater to a wide range of taste buds: all the while making newer, tastier, and more diverse additions to our flavor arsenal.

Head to our store now to get your favorite flavor and let go of the guilt that comes with snacking.